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【淨斯穀粉】 Jing Si Soy Milk Powder / 淨斯豆漿粉

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【淨斯穀粉】 Jing Si Soy Milk Powder / 淨斯豆漿粉 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


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☘️ 純素食
☘️ 非基改黃豆、去皮
☘️ 營養、健康
☘️ 口感香純濃郁,淡淡天然甜味
☘️ 即沖即飲
☘️ 冷熱皆宜
☘️ 含有大豆蛋白、維生素B群、大豆異黃酮、維生素E、大豆卵磷脂、鈣質、亞麻油酸、鉀、膳食纖維營養 

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❤️ 從一顆黃豆到一杯豆漿,想到 證嚴法師曾經開示早期生活的克難【粒米成籮】,從一顆一顆的黃豆集合起來,就可以積成一袋的黃豆;如果因一顆黃豆小🌱而輕視它漏掉它,怎能積成一袋的黃豆?也就沒有這香濃的豆漿,感恩師父們的愛心,讓這一顆顆的黃豆🌱成了營養又健康的豆漿飲。

❤️ 豆漿中內含營養的優質蛋白,是許多人早餐必喝的飲品,天天喝豆漿,除了能攝取優質蛋白外,正符合現代人的健康需求。

❤️ 醫學研究指出,孩子成長要喝豆漿、想瘦身要喝豆漿,女性美顏要喝豆漿、中年人防三高要喝豆漿,甚至更年熟齡防骨鬆也要喝豆漿,老年族群喝豆漿可延緩老化,一杯豆漿,滿足現代各年齡族群的營養需求。

❤️ 想要維持身體的健康,需要補充足夠的營養,才能維持正常的身體機能,除了三餐需要規律進食,更是要喝的營養、吃的健康,才能達到養生的目的。

English Information

【Unique features】

☘️ Vegan

☘️ Non-genetic modification soy bean with skin removed

☘️ Nutritious, healthy

☘️ Rich aromatic flavour, with light natural sweetness

☘️ Drink instantly

☘️ Suitable to serve both cold or hot

☘️ Contains soy protein, vitamin B complex, soy isoflavones, vitamin E, soy lecithin, calcium,    linoleic acid, potassium, dietary fiber nutrition

❤️ From a grain of soybean to a cup of soy milk, recall our memory of Master Cheng Yen once expounded the ardent livelihood in the early days [grains of rice make a bushel], collecting soybeans grain by grain, to accumulate into a bag of soybeans; if because one grain of soybean is so small 🌱 that we despise and drop off, how can we accumulate into a bag of soybeans? Then we would never have such rich aromatic flavoured soy milk to drink.  We are deeply grateful to the monastic reverend masters for their loving kindness, to convert these grains of soy beans into nutritious and healthy soy milk drink.

❤️ Soy milk contains nutritious high-quality protein, which is an essential-drink for many people at breakfast. Drinking soy milk every day, in addition to ingesting high-quality protein, is also conforming to the healthy needs of modern people.

❤️ Medical research pointed out that children should drink soy milk during their growing stage, soy milk should be consumed if you want to lose weight, women should drink soy milk for beauty purpose, middle-aged people should drink soy milk to prevent the Three Highs, even during menopause and at mature age, to prevent osteoporosis should also drink soy milk, the elderly should drink soy milk to delay aging, a cup of soy milk can meet the nutritional needs of any age group in modern times.

使用方法 / Directions

soya milk-03.jpg

🥛 約取25公克(4大匙)豆漿粉加入杯中

Place 25g (about 4 Tbsp) of Soy Milk Powder in a cup


Add some water  to the cup and mix well

🥛再加入130 cc 熱水或冰水再次攪拌後即可飲用

Add 130cc (about 1/2 cup) of hot or cold water and mix well 


製 造 商:協力志業股份有限公司
總 經 銷:互愛人文志業股份有限公司
地    址:臺北市忠孝東路三段217巷7弄19號1樓


Ingredients: Soy Milk Powder, Malt extract powder (barley malt), Inulin

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製 造 地:台灣



Allergy Information: this product contains gluten and soybean . Made in a facility that processes apricot kernels. sesame and coconut.


store in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. after opening, keep sealed in airtight container and consume as soon as possible.



📌Any purchase that cost RM300 and above will gets to enjoy free delivery



Regarding to the expire date , if you were to understand / get more information towards it, PLEASE chat with us , and we will get to you soon 




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