Product Information


All products of Jing Si Books & Café have standard processes and quality specifications, and the relevant certifications are as below:

  • 淨斯茶:通過 SGS 470 項農藥檢測皆零檢出,並通過紅茶的有機認證

Jing Si tea: passed SGS 470 pesticide tests with zero detection, and also passed the  organic certification of black tea

  • 五穀粉、香積飯系列:通過 ISO22000 / HACCP 認證 /Halal 清真認證。

Multi-Grain Instant Mix, Jing Si Instant Rice series: Passed ISO22000 / HACCP certification / Halal certification.


  • 環保餐具系列及包材:皆通過塑化劑等檢驗。

Eco-friendly tableware series and packaging materials: all have passed the inspection of plasticizers.