Jing Si Instant Noodle (Chinese Herbal Flavour)

Due to global warming, causing abnormal global climate and frequent disasters, environmental protection work cannot be unduly delayed.  One of the ways to conserve energy and reduce carbon emission is to "change from meat-eating to vegetarianism". We hope that through "Jing Si Instant Noodles", to invite the public to observe vegetarianism and protect lives, nurture a heart of compassion, and with combined efforts to protect mother earth.

The R&D team has spent more than three years on research and development searching for high-quality ingredients, after continuous technical advancement, evaluation and testing, we aim to develop an exciting and lingering fragrance "Jing Si Instant Noodles (Chinese Herbal Flavour)". Using angelica sinensis, wolfberry, chuanxiong rhizome, Astragalus root and other raw materials as one of the important distinctive flavours of the seasoning powder package, after brewing together with the seasoning oil package, the aromatic fragrance of the Chinese herbal medicine flavour and the soup stock is rich and authentic.





Jing Si Ginger Paste and Sesame Oil with Chinese Herb

Jing Si Ginger Paste and Sesame Oil with Chinese Herb is using Taitung organic old ginger, combined with special sesame oil and Chinese Medicine Herbs made with a secret recipe into a rich and concentrated vegan thick paste.  Whether to mix with noodles, mix with rice, stir-fry vegetables, making dipping sauce or boiling soup, etc., it would enhance the aromatic flavour, whether it is mushroom vegetarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian or the five pungent roots vegetarian are suitable for consumption.

Jing Si Ginger Paste and Sesame Oil with Chinese Herb is boiled with concentrated sesame oil and Chinese Medicine Herb using a secret recipe. After uncap the can, the distinctive aroma of sesame oil emits and the strips of ginger shreds are clearly visible. The first time when you uncap the Jing Si Ginger Paste and Sesame Oil with Chinese Herb, you would be enchanted by the aromatic fragrance, and tempted to have a taste of it. The fragrance of the sesame oil is really tantalizing to the nose! As the slightly pungent sensation of the ginger paste enters the mouth, it is not choking, but the savoury flavour is strong. After entering the throat, the warm fragrance of ginger reaches the stomach, the body would be warmed up in a short while.




Jing Si Multi-Grain Powder

Jing Si Multi-Grain Powder, produced personally by the monastics in Jing Si Abode, Hualien, Taiwan, rich in a
variety of natural grain extracts and proteins, to supplement complex nutrition and balance the daily bodily needs.





Delightful Flavoured Delicacies

Come from our homeland, nourished under fine weather conditions and by the mother earth, Thanks to mother nature for the supply of multi grains to serve the needs of human beings’ livelihood. The delightful flavoured delicacies with the new packaging design come with six types of flavours. The delicacies blend with black tea flavour and Jing Si multi grain powder as the basic ingredients of the product.  Each single pack contains 4 types of flavours, with rich savoury taste, using low GI palm sugar to enhance its flavour.

Each flavour of the Delightful Flavoured delicacies contains its unique flavour, marvellously delicious whether savoured as light refreshment or as tea snacks. There are six types of flavours in a box. The beaming red gift box is presentable and stylish, suitable as gifts and for own savouring.




Jing Si Mixed Nuts

The nutritional value is very rich, and the most noticeable ingredients include good fats, dietary fiber and multi-
vitamins and minerals, which can help to adjust the physique and enhance the protective power with peace of mind.




JingSi Mixed Dried Fruits