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Strengthen your immunity with natural herbs

[ Jing Si Herbal Tea ]
Uniquely formulated herbal ingredients that provide powerful antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, to enhance your immunity system and prevention of diseases.


❤️ Jing Si Herbal Tea
   Made with 8 carefully selected herbs

Ophiopogonis radix, dokudami, balloon flower, kalabhangra, glycyrrhizae radix, argyi leaf, perilla, chrysanthemi flos.

🌿 Made from 8 types of Taiwan local medicinal herbs

🌿 With nourishing and calming effects, Improves protection power.



1. ☘️ 艾葉 argyi leaf:
Argyi Leaf (Mugwort) is a common plant of traditional Chinese medicine, with bitter taste and mild in nature, it can be absorbed into the spleen, liver and kidneys. It can treat gynaecological diseases and has a very good effect on soothing menstruation, dispel cold, and stop bleeding. It also has a good therapeutic effect on chronic bronchitis and asthma in the elderly. In addition, argyi leaf (wormwood) has good bactericidal and antiviral effects, and boiling argyi leaf in water for drinking can enhance the body's disease resistance.

2. ☘️ 鱼针草 kalabhangra:
It has the functions of alleviating fever and detoxification, relieve rheumatic pain and dampness.  Main treatment: Influenza and fever, gastroenteritis, dysentery, rheumatic joint pain.

3.☘️ 麥冬  Ophiopogonis radix:
It has the functions of nourishing yin and lungs, soothe the mind and eliminating anxiety, invigorating the stomach and increase fluid, cough suppression, dispel phlegm and antibacterial effect, etc. It is mainly used to treat asthenia (lack of energy and strength), irritation and anxiety, relieve thirst, constipation, fever and body injury, lung dryness and dry cough, vomiting blood, hemoptysis, Pulmonray Abscess, dry throat dry mouth (It occurs when salivary glands in your mouth don't produce enough saliva) and other symptoms.

4.☘️ 魚腥草  dokudami:
Houttuynia cordata contains houttuyfonate, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. "It can be said to be an antibiotic in Chinese medicine. Houttuynia cordata is used to treat infections and inflammatory symptoms, such as respiratory infections, conjunctivitis, acute and chronic sinusitis, and recurrent sinusitis. Aphthous ulcers, nephritis, urinary tract infections, pelvic inflammation, radiation enteritis and viral enteritis, etc.

5.☘️ 桔梗  Balloon flower, Chinese Bell Flower:
Platycodon grandiflorum helps improve lung vitality, broaden the chest and speed up the diaphragm, promotes the discharge of purulent sputum from the lungs. It is a quality product for dispelling phlegm and purulent pus to cure lung carbuncle.

6.☘️ 甘草 glycyrrhizae radix:
Coordinate with other herbs and reduce the irritation of other herbs.

7.☘️ 紫蘇葉  perilla:
Treat colds and similar types of acute diseases such as stuffy nose, cough and headache.

8.☘️ 菊花  chrysanthemi flos:
Treat inflammatory diseases.


Why Jing Si Herbal Tea 

Jing Si Herbal Tea is jointly developed by Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, Tzu Chi Chinese Medicine Division, research professors and their team members. It is a collective effort to offer TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a solution to help citizens improve their overall health and regain a balance of the mind and body.

Questions & Answers
☘️ How often do I take Jing Si Herbal Drink?
One to two tea bags a day.  Do not recommend drinking Jing Si Herbal tea at night to avoid frequent bathroom trips.
☘️ Can I reuse the tea bag?
Depending on personal preference, tea bag can be re-boiled or reused within the same day. Sugar can also be added to adjust sweetness

☘️ Is Jing Si Herbal Tea FDA certified in the US?
Jing Si Herbal Tea is not FDA approved at this time and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  We are currently conducting health benefits study.

☘️ Can pregnant woman use Jing Si Herbal Tea?
Women in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menstrual period please use with caution.  Stop using when feeling uncomfortable.

☘️ Who is not recommended to use Jing Si Herbal Tea?
Jing Si Herbal Tea is suitable for general public but we do advice all users to consult with their doctor before using. Anyone with chronic diseases, if experiencing diarrhea, allergic reaction, please stop using immediately.

Instructions for using Jing Si Herbal Tea?

🍵Method 1:
Use two tea bags at once by adding 600 CC (2.5 cups) of water, boil 5 minutes.

🍵Method 2:
Use two tea bags at once by adding 600 CC (2.5 cups) of boiled water, cover and wait for 15-20 minutes before drinking.

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