Buddhist Tzu-Chi Kindergarten and Day Care Centre upholds living education, life education, humanistic education and moral education as the core value in their educational philosophy, to provide the children a good environment, guiding them towards the right direction and to cultivate good moral character in life.

While complying with the government pre-school education syllabus, Buddhist Tzu Chi kindergarten also incorporates Jing Si Aphorisms in the teaching, to impart the ethical spirit of humanistic education, emphasizing on putting into practice in their everyday living; whereas acts of generosity and filial piety is the core value in Tzu Chi education.

To have good habits is better than to live a good life,  and the children are  learning the first step to be a human. People with self-dignity, would learn to take care of their everyday living, their own self, learn to contribute and reach out to help the people in need.


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